Why Solar?

Solar power provides energy for an electric sump pump when solar energy is run through a conversion system. That conversion system consists of a Solar Panel and a 12 Volt Battery.

As the solar panel collects the sun's rays throughout the day, the conversion system transforms that energy into 12 Volts, which in turn charges the batteries.

The Solar Electric cells convert sunlight into DC electricity that can be routed directly to a DC appliance, or can be stored in batteries for use when the sun is not shining, or it can be inverted into AC electricity to power AC appliances.

Solar Panels should be located in a sunny spot where shading does not occur. Since altitude is not a factor, the only concern is the height off the ground and whether or not you are able to keep them clear of snow. The solar panel should face true south, be tilted up from horizontal to provide a better angle at the sun and help shed rain and snow.

By using Solar Power to power your Sump Pump, you are not only protecting your investment, but you are doing so for pennies a day. The reliability and economy of solar electric power makes it an excellent choice for powering off grid water pumping.